L’Envers du Decor

Théâtre de Paris and Tour 2017 When Patrick told his friends that he would like to present them to his girlfriend everyone agrees that it’s a great idea! But the appearance of Emma will have the effect of a real storm in the head of Daniel and Isabella.

Acapulco Madame

Acapulco Mrs. Jerome tells the story, a faithful husband, Nat, a happy wife and mother at home for 20 years, a loving teenager, a sister who is marrying a math teacher. A life so to speak in a more enviable than comfortable lodge … and suddenly one morning, suddenly call that does everything … explode … More Acapulco Madame

La Minute de Rien

Watch my interpretation of Matthias Vincenot’s poem “La cour de récréation” taken from his book ” Les choses qui changent ”